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You read that right. After Reading Our eBook, You Will Be Taking Better Pictures of Your Baby Within 30 Days or I Will Refund Every Cent You Paid!

You already know how exhausting it is to be a new parent...

The feedings, diapers, safety issues, schedule changes, lack of sleep, colds and croup, required clothes and furniture... the list seems to go on forever.

In spite of all that, we still want to remember every precious memory. That's when we realize how truly unprepared we are!

There's lots of information to help us care for our babies. However, when it comes to Preserving Your Baby's Memories, parents are "on their own," and unfortunately, things like this happen all the time...

"Mother Makes Huge Mistake With First Child"

In April of 2008, Marcia Barritt gave birth to her second baby, Tyler. After remembering the mistake made with her first baby Megan, Marcia tearfully vowed not to repeat it with Tyler. Here is her story...

After taking two years worth of pictures of Megan, I almost started crying when my husband and I realized how mediocre they were. The only ones we framed were those taken at Sears, in spite of the fact even those did not truly convey Megan's uniqueness.

After Tyler was born, it finally struck me that our family's history was being created right before our eyes. Unless I wanted to continue saving pictures that were embarrassing to me and my husband, I needed to do something different.

Our family had two digital cameras and one camcorder. All we knew for sure was how to turn them on and off. We were quite upset because the only options we saw were discouraging ones.

  1. We couldn't afford to go to professional baby photographers all the time
  2. The 'one-size-fits-all' approach of the department store studios left a lot to be desired
  3. Nobody in our family knew how to take good photographs.

I had to find a way to capture our baby's unique personality. Then I found your website and eventually the e-book on taking baby pictures.

Using just six of your suggestions, we now have more than twenty baby photographs you call 'KEEPERS.'

I'm finally not embarrassed to show Tyler's pictures to family and friends! A simple 'Thank You' will never convey our gratitude for your help in preserving our family's history.

- Marsha

Marcia Barritt may not have known what made a terrific baby picture, but she certainly understood what didn't!

Every parent WANTS better baby pictures. But like Marcia, they simply don't know what to do.

Does this sound familiar...

  • Parents want to take the best possible pictures of their babies

  • But most new parents don't know how to take really good baby pictures

  • Parents cannot afford to hire a full-time professional baby photographer for 18 months

  • Department store photo studios provide expertise at affordable prices, although only 28% of parents believe the resulting pictures are the best possible

  • Because new parents don't see any other option, over 93% rely on their own photographic expertise, and do the best they can

But there is a better way...

If you want to take better baby pictures, I can help you. And, it's easier than you think.

Like you, I was not satisfied with my baby's photos. Thirty four years ago, I was a new parent. My biggest regret today is not knowing how to take better baby pictures when my children were little, and not knowing what to do about it.

As a result, I won't use my own children's pictures ON MY OWN WEB SITE because the pictures are so embarrassingly bad.

Let me help you avoid the same mistakes I made

What mistakes? See if you are among the first-time parents who make these Common Photographic Mistakes.

  • You use the same approach photographing a one week old baby as you do for a 10 month old one

    (Knowing which photography approach to use at each age will produce superior pictures ALL THE TIME)

  • For "truly important" pictures, you take your baby to a department store or professional photography studio

    (To capture your baby's real personality, this could be the WORST THING you could do)

  • After taking a picture you would like to frame, it can't be enlarged to the desired size without cutting off part of your baby

    (This solution can easily save you 6 times the cost of this eBook; and yet is so simple, you can use it immediately)

  • You are only comfortable using the camera in "automatic" mode, and are unaware of the improved pictures that other modes can produce

    (Our simple "Do this - then that" guidance produces superior pictures; even if you've never used a camera before)

  • You always use a flash when taking indoor photographs

    (Discover how to take better indoor pictures by using existing light)

Taking Baby Pictures Like These
Is Easier Than You Think

baby baby and baby and dad

Poses, lighting, and background are key factors

Create emotional impact with the correct
"less is more" approach

See what's needed for heart-warming "Father and son" pictures

"Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces"
is an 86 page eBook
that demonstrates how simple it is... ONCE YOU KNOW HOW

babyBefore I say any more, let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Bezman and I've been a professional photographer for 14 years.

Even though this website is mine, I didn't always know very much about photography. In fact, like many people, I began at an early age taking really bad pictures.

If you've ever heard the expression "If I knew then what I know now..." - you can probably relate to this...

It's too late FOR ME to take better pictures of MY OWN children...


Our 86 page eBook is packed with over 475 photos, poses, do's and don'ts, tips and checklists. Here are just a few of the questions answered in our eBook:
  • IF it's possible to pose my baby, how do I do it?

  • WHAT should I do to obtain the best lighting?

  • WHAT are the best situations in which to take baby pictures?

  • WHY should I avoid using a flash?

  • WHAT are the correct camera settings to use?

  • HOW do I make my baby's pictures sharper?

father and sonAnswers to these and hundreds of other questions are answered in simple, non-technical terms everyone can understand. And, we show you how to take expensive-looking baby photos without having expensive equipment.

For example, page 29 explains how to take indoor photographs with no "hot spots" because you don't use a flash.

How to photograph this Father and Son Classic is explained on page 23. Can you tell if dad and son are really sleeping? The answer may surprise you.

Page 73 presents an 8-step process professionals use to avoid using a flash while capturing terrific images. Once known, this process can easily and quickly be applied to your own photography.

Wondering how else you will benefit?

Here are just a few of the nuggets, that you will learn from
Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces


Say goodbye to embarrassing baby pictures by using more than 475 tips, techniques, ideas, and posing secrets that are simple to understand and apply


Never be at a loss for how to pose your baby. Refer to hundreds of sample poses to create pictures of your baby that stand out from the crowd


Use Cropping Secrets to turn one average looking photo into three above-average pictures


Capture outstanding pictures throughout the first 18 months after realizing how the baby's age determines what can and can't be done


Create captivating baby pictures of just their hand, foot, or fingers

check mark

Discover how to preserve priceless memories using inexpensive cameras

check mark

Identify which every-day moments make the best photo opportunities

check mark

Determine how to use props in creating family treasures

Imagine How You Will Feel When Family and Friends Exclaim:
"YOU Took That?!?!"

Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces is organized by the baby's age, as shown in the Table of Contents below.

            table of contents

Although Your Baby Is PRICELESS,
Our eBook Is Only $47.00 $37.00


Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces contains over 475 sample photos, tips, guidelines, ideas, and posing secrets.

You don't have to be disappointed with the results of your baby's pictures ever again!

"But what if I've never held a camera before?"

It doesn't matter! The tips, poses, and techniques apply regardless of location, type of camera, or how "artistic" you are. It doesn't even matter if you're a beginner or experienced photographer.


Frequently Asked Questions

I only use a point and shoot camera. Will your e-book help me?
That's one of the strongest features of our e-book. The information we provide can be applied REGARDLESS OF WHAT TYPE OF CAMERA YOU USE.

Is your Baby Book very Technical?
No. Our Baby Book is designed for people who are not interested in getting into the technical aspects of photography. They simply want to take better pictures of their babies.

After reading your book, how soon will I be taking better Pictures?
Since everybody learns at a different pace, it's very difficult to give you a precise answer. However, with our information, you should see a gradual improvement in your photographs almost immediately... as long as you apply the information, of course.

I have a Mac computer. Can I use your product?
Yes. As long as you can download a zip file and read a PDF file, you can do everything required on a Mac.

If I have a question that is not covered here, can I contact you?
Yes, of course. Simply use our support form. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

What if I find your book too complicated after I purchase it?
You have 8 FULL WEEKS to determine whether you want to keep it or not. If you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON, simply contact us for a full refund, per our 100% no-questions-asked guarantee.

What type of book is it? A physical book or a digital book?
This is a fully down-loadable digital eBook and NOT a physical book. Therefore, you will gain immediate access to - Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces, as soon as your order is approved.

Please Note...

This is a fully down-loadable digital eBook and NOT a physical book. Therefore, you will gain immediate access to Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces, as soon as your order is approved.

How To Get Started Right Now...

When you click on the Order button, you'll be taken to PayPal for your 100% risk-free order. You DO NOT NEED a PayPal account to order.

Because PayPal is the most trusted name in online financial transactions, rest assured that your credit card information is completely protected and confidential. Only PayPal and your own credit card company can access the information.

Your order is processed immediately and you'll get a receipt for your $47.00 $37.00 purchase. Immediately after the purchase, you will receive clear instructions on how to download Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces.

But Wait, There's More!

Order Today And You Will Also Receive At No Extra Charge...
Our Baby Bonus Photography Kit, Valued At $120.00

Bonus #1: Hundreds of FREE Baby Tips
e-book cover Just think - having a reference manual chock full of free baby tips, right at your finger tips.

Access free tips on...

  • Baby Clothes, Furniture, and Nursery

  • Baby Products such as Car Seats, Strollers, Toys and Bottles

  • Baby Showers

  • Educational Craft Resources

  • Free Photo Related Products

  • Preventing and Treating Common Medical Conditions

$25 Value.

Bonus #2: The ABC Guide to Planning a Baby Shower
e-book cover Get all your questions answered in this 31 page tell-all eBook:
  • Complete baby shower checklist

  • Should you hold the shower before or after the baby is born?

  • Who should be invited?

  • What is required preparation for a successful shower?

  • Do you need a theme for the shower, and if so, what should it be?

  • Where to find themed supplies

  • What needs to be done regarding invitations?

  • What to do for decorations, centerpieces, and favors

  • 29 suggested shower games

  • Complete list of resources for your baby shower

$20 Value.

Bonus #3: What to Take Before You Leave the House
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** I'm guessing that you have enough things on your mind with a new baby.

So when you're about to leave your home to take some pictures, wouldn't it be nice to simply run down a checklist to make sure you have what is needed when you arrive?

Some of the things contained within this must-have reference guide are:
  • What is the must-have and nice-to-have equipment

  • Dealing with environmental factors of heat and cold

  • Which filters to get

$15 Value.

Bonus #4: Camcorder Secrets Revealed
videocamera Whether you own or are about to buy a camcorder, learning these key tips can save you money and aggravation

Topics include:
  • Things To Consider Before Buying A Camcorder

  • How To Avoid Common Video Camera Mistakes

  • How to Get More Out Of Your Video camera

$15 Value.

Bonus #5: Recover Lost or Corrupted Images
CD cover Nobody WANTS to have image corruption problems! Especially with your baby's photos!

But if you ever do, you'll be glad you have this tool to help recover your masterpiece.

This Recovery Software Tool can help recover images from corrupted or accidentally formatted digital camera memory cards.

Every digital photographer needs this kind of tool. It recovers JPEG, TIF and most of the types of RAW files.

And... the Software Program should be able to read all memory cards currently available on the market.

$20 Value.

Bonus #6: Easily Rename All Your Image Files
CD coverIf you don't have a ton of baby pictures already, you probably will have soon.

After capturing those super shots, it's usually a good idea to easily identify which image is what.

After all, "IMG_3984" is not a terribly helpful image description.

There are 2 things that stop folks from renaming images: it takes too long and it has to be done one at a time!

That's where this handy utility comes in. Whether you want to rename 2 files or 200, the flexible options of this file renamer make it simple.

It allows the renaming of files and folders by using different options such as: Crop, Insert, Search and Replace, Auto-Numbering, Capitalize, Upper Case, Lower Case, Real-time Preview, plus many more... all from a Console Window.

$25 Value.

The Total Value Of This
Baby Bonus Photography Kit is $120.00

That means that you receive a complete Baby Bonus Photography Kit (in addition to the ebook), all for the reduced price of the ebook alone. Most people would agree that's a very good deal! How good? Let's sum it up...

Ebook On Photographing Babies:
Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces

$47 Value

The Baby Photography Bonus Kit

$120 Value


Total Value of Entire Package:


That's right... You can make certain that your baby's pictures will look the very best they possibly can (a $47 Value) PLUS own the Baby Bonus Photography Kit (a $120 Value)... all for the low One-Time Investment of $47 $37. Quite a deal, for a lifetime of great memories.

Yes, this package IS A GREAT DEAL. With that said, how about if we make your purchasing decision...

A Complete No-Brainer...

Grab 5 ADDITIONAL Fast Action Bonuses
Worth $82, if You Take Action by Midnight Tonight...

Fast Action Bonus #1

Bonus #1: Morph Your Images
CD cover Have you ever "morphed?" No, I'm not getting personal. Morph is short for "metamorphose." You've seen it a thousand times in movies and TV. The most common example is when a person transforms (a.k.a. "morphs") from one form to another, such as a baby growing older or vice versa.

If you have never played with morphing software, you're in for a treat!

A nice feature of this program is that it works on both Photographs and Videos.

$20 Value.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Bonus #2: Guidelines for Newborn Care
e-book cover Congratulations on the new baby in your life! It doesn't matter whether you're a first time parent or a veteran - there are always more questions than answers, when it comes to caring for a baby.

This 40 page e-book is chock-full of information which can serve as your guide or reference manual when you need it. It provides an overview of some of the special characteristics you may notice about your newborn, and guides you through the basics of infant care. It will also help you recognize potential health concerns with your baby, and know when to seek medical help.

Other topics include: basic care, common problems, screening tests and immunizations, safety guidelines and a summary of when to seek medical help for your baby. - $20 Value.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Bonus #3: How to Be a Great Mother
e-book cover

Everybody wants the best for their kids but, wouldn't it be so much easier if children came with an instruction booklet ... or, at least an owner's manual like your camera?

Even though our babies and children don't come with instruction manuals, this 31 page e-book is geared for you, not your child. It's all about how to be a positive role model and influence your children's lives.

You can't start too early building a great relationship with your children. If you're looking for the "only good news" stories and information you receive from always smiling TV spokespeople, this bonus is not for you.

However, if you want to read something that is real and can truly impact the life of you and your family, this is a sure winner.

As the MasterCard commercial would imply, this Masters Course truly is "priceless." However, for our purposes, it's a $15 Value.

Fast Action Bonus #4

Bonus #4: Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography
e-book cover Bernie Code is supremely qualified to write a guide for beginning photographers because he is one.

This is the guide Bernie wished had been written when he got into photography.

The thing that makes this ebook unique is that it is not written from the perspective of an experienced photographer. It is written from the perspective of a computer user.

It is entertaining, informative, and refreshing to read.

$15 Value.

Fast Action Bonus #5

Bonus #5: 45 Ways to Raise Well-Balanced and Responsible Kids
e-book cover

Written in a "Tip of the Day" format, this 49 page e-book is written in an entertaining and informative manner.

The tips provide an appropriate quote or guiding principle, the "Tip," and additional resources available for further exploration.

The objective of this book is to help parents become more informed and to be able to build a healthy and happy family.

It includes practical guidance which is ideal for parents as well as care-givers who are interested in fostering self-esteem, a positive attitude, and encourage healthy behavior.

$12 Value.

Here's A Summary Of EVERYTHING You Get...

Better Baby Pictures + Complete Bonus Package
Component Value
Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces $47.00
Bonus #1: Hundreds of FREE Baby Tips $25.00
Bonus #2: The ABC Guide to Planning a Baby Shower $20.00
Bonus #3: What to Take Before You Leave Your Home" $15.00
Bonus #4: Camcorder Secrets Revealed $15.00
Bonus #5: Recover Lost or Corrupted Images $20.00
Bonus #6: Easily Rename All Your Image Files $30.00
Bonus #7: Morph Your Images $30.00
Bonus #8: Guidelines for Newborn Care $20.00
Bonus #9: How to Be a Great Mother $20.00
Bonus #10: Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography $15.00
Bonus #11: 45 Ways to Raise Well-Balanced and Responsible Kids $12.00
TOTAL VALUE = $249.00

There you have it...
  • 86 pages filled with everything you need to create and then capture your baby's masterpieces

  • 11 Bonuses worth $202, all provided at no additional charge

  • My no-questions-asked 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

If you still aren't sure this is the best possible way to preserve your baby's priceless memories, consider this...

What if you were told to "NOT PHOTOGRAPH YOUR BABY?!"

If somebody told you NOT TO take pictures of your baby during their first 2 months because the pictures probably wouldn't turn out very well, would you follow their advice?

Of course you wouldn't! Do you know why? Well, if you're like most people, you want to remember every possible expression, movement, "pose," and smile your baby experiences. You're not going to wait; you'll probably start immediately!

So, since you're going to take baby pictures ANYWAY...

Doesn't it make sense to take the VERY BEST pictures you possibly can... FROM THE BEGINNING!

And when you follow the suggestions in
Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces ...

That is my guarantee to you.

Receive the 86 Page Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces for $47 only $37,
by securely ordering through PayPal

(PayPal account IS NOT REQUIRED)

Buy Now

I want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind in doing business with me. I am so sure you will love this eBook that even though it is a $47.00 value; I am offering it for $37.00, if you purchase it by midnight, . AND you still receive my...

100% Money-Back
No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

Your Guarantee Of SatisfactionWhen you download Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces you will be protected by my 100% No-Questions-Asked Guarantee.

If you don't feel that you are taking better pictures of your baby, within 30 days, I want to know about it.

Simply contact me requesting your money back, and I'll issue you your refund, on the spot. I will happily refund every last penny straight back to your credit-card.

You have a full 60 days to put our tips into practice. Anytime within those 8 weeks, if you are unhappy for any reason, I will refund your money, no questions asked!


You get to keep the eBook (and the bonuses)
as my way of saying "Thanks for Trying"

THAT'S how Confident I am that You'll LOVE this eBook!

Does this sound familiar...

"My baby is growing up so fast! It seems only yesterday that..."

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Don't let one more day of your baby's precious childhood go by without creating photographic memories that are better than just "all right."

Don't pass up creating what would be your family's prize possessions for less than the cost of a case of Pampers?!?

If you don't want to lose one more masterpiece, pick up your risk-free copy RIGHT NOW. This will take you to a secure credit-card payment server operated by Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account).

Once your payment is completed, you'll be directed to a link that will immediately bring you to the download page for "Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces".

Please don't make the same mistake I did, by continuing to take "adequate pictures" when you can just as easily take outstanding ones. Discover how easy it is to capture your baby's unique sparkle.

Readers' comments...






Recap time...

So, where are we? If you are still reading, chances are pretty good that you want better pictures of your baby.

All I can do is to let you know that there is a way for you to take better pictures of your baby. But only you can decide whether you want to.

If you have doubts, that's normal. However, if you purchase our Baby Book, we assume all the risk, because as our guarantee states, you have 8 full weeks to try it. You literally have nothing to lose.

During the first 8 weeks, if you decide you want your money back... all you need to do is ask for a refund and I will immediately issue one. But you still get to keep "Oh Baby! Turning Memories into Masterpieces" plus all the bonuses, as my way of saying Thanks for giving my products a chance.

So that leaves...

What will this eBook do for you?

New parents want the best possible pictures of their babies, however...

Only 3% of parents have the photographic skill to do it themselves. Therefore the only options available to most parents are to either:
  • Pay $100s for 1 or 2 sittings with a professional baby photographer, or...

  • Do the best they can, and probably be disappointed with the results (86% are)

We provide another option! We give you...

  • Everything you need in order to take BETTER PICTURES OF YOUR BABY (that you will have FOREVER)

  • At a price significantly less than just one visit to a department store studio

  • With greater convenience

  • Plus, you have the pride of having taken outstanding pictures of your own baby

If you decide today, we'll include all the valuable bonuses mentioned above at no additional charge. And, to make it completely risk-free, we include a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee which states: "If you aren't taking better baby pictures in 30 days, let us know and you'll get all your money back" (and YOU are the one to decide, not me).

Here Are Some of The BENEFITS You'll Receive


Try the eBook yourself... You have nothing to lose. If YOU don't believe your baby pictures have improved in 30 days, then please contact me and your entire purchase price will be immediately refunded! All the risk is mine.


Never be at a lose for how to pose your baby. Refer to hundreds of sample poses to create pictures of your baby that stand out from the crowd


Find photographic gold in everyday activities such as sleeping and eating


86 pages including over 475 sample photos, tips, guidelines, ideas, and posing secrets to achieve better and more natural baby pictures


Discover how to obtain the best results, under all conditions, whether shooting inside or outside


Save hundreds of dollars when framing your baby's pictures with this simple tip

Here's the "Executive Summary," consisting of

Do you or don't you, want
Better Pictures Of Your Baby?

If you do, doesn't it make sense to learn how to capture better photos immediately, so you don't miss capturing one more precious moment of your baby?

Order Today... Capture the Memories Tomorrow

Buy Now

Photographically yours,


Robert Bezman
Photographer and Author of
"Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces"

P.S. - Just imagine... how you'll feel when your baby's pictures turn out better than anyone else's (and they've got all that fancy photography gear and experience)!

P.P.S. - Discover everything you need to do Before, During, and After taking baby pictures.

P.P.P.S. - Remember that Oh Baby! Turning Memories Into Masterpieces has my personal Better-Baby-Pictures-in-30-Days-or-Your-Money-Back Guarantee, so you literally have nothing to risk by ordering right now.

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